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The Stress Less Programs

We have specially curated a variety of programs to create the bridge between your individual needs and where you are on your journey. 

A curated wellness package that encompasses mind, body & movement.

This is a self-paced, lifestyle collection combining nutrition, movement, mindset & education curated to reduce stress for ultimate success. You will learn all about the woman's body, how to tap into your rhythm of your cycle to maximize energy, build lean muscle, self confidence and so much more! 


Weekly, Live Movement Series


Access to our Video Library


Meal Plans & Recipes to support energy, hormones & blood sugar


Yoga & Guided Meditation to help you stress less & clear your mind




Intro to your Mindset Work so you can begin to set attainable & achievable goals

A specifically designed, Self-Study program for the women who has tried everything to maintain a healthy weight and to have more energy, but continues to fail. 


If you've been struggling on where to start, this program is for you.
Over the course of our self study program, you 
will gain knowledge around:

* Hormones & how to balance them naturally

* Digestion & Gut Health

* Nutrition

* The Importance of Self-care to Change

* How Your Mindset is Keeping You Stuck

* Negative Self Talk & All- or - Nothing Thinking

* The Role of Stress on Your Body & Mind

The Ultimate Solution for women! 


A mix of 1:1 with both coaches, self-study + group approach.


This program is designed for women who need 1:1 support for accountability and motivation and who are ready to take their health and wellness to the next level.


Together, with your coaches, you will dive deeper to enhance your knowledge of yourself, your wants & needs, where you continue to remain stuck in your health journey, and learn practical tools to get you 'Unstuck,' shift your weight and regain your energy & self confidence.


This program is for the woman who is committed to her growth, journey, and health.



Enrolment occurs 3 times a year: Fall, Winter, & Spring. 

Stay Tuned for Fall 2022!

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