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Welcome to the Stress Less Wellness Hub




Online Coaching with Natalie Purchase RHN & Stephanie Moncada R.P


We are two coffee loving moms who specialize in helping women to Stress Less about what to eat and how to move her body, so she can reach her ideal weight, have more energy and learn to love the skin she’s in without fad dieting, intense workouts or restriction.

The Stress Less Wellness Team

Natalie Purchase RNCP/ROHP, YRT 200h

Stephanie Moncada R.P. & Mindset Coach

Hi, and welcome to The Stress Less Wellness Hub. We are Steph (on the left) & Nat (on the right). 

We are two moms who are working to redefine what it means to do it all and have it all. 

We help women learn to heal her relationship with food, learn to move her body in celebration, and embrace who she truly is. 

We address everything from mindset to hormones, and everything in between! We know your body is unique, and all aspects of you are interconnected.

We created this hub of knowledge to educate women on how to support her body & mind, and learn to reconnect with who she is.  


We truly love helping women through her healing journey. 


What We Specialize In

Mindful Eating & Body Image

Reconnect With Mind & Body

Balance Hormones

Reset Your Digestion System

Self-Esteem & Self-Care



The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

- Victoria, SLM member & graduate

"Thank you for everything. I am feeling like the person I want to be and not what people expect of me. I wish Steph & Natalie all the best with this program, I really believe in it"

"What attracted me was the different approach to weight loss. The best part of the program, is the information provided to help change habits.

- Christine, SLM member & graduate

"What attracted me was the idea of "stressing less" and the focus on the individuals needs versus a cookie cutter approach. In addition, the interconnected work on mental health and how it all relates. The support is the best! The weekly coaching calls, daily posts on Facebook to keep you excited and motivated; weekly live workout session and the group mindset (and I could go on!) Also the continual refocus away from the "weight" number and review of what the number is made up on (ie. body fat, protein etc.)

- Mallory, SLM member, graduate & alumni

The Stress Less Wellness Collection

Our Introductory Program provides women with the tools she needs to begin to Stress-Less, so she can begin her journey to a healthy weight and lifestyle


What's Included

* Live & Recorded 

Movement Series

* Yoga & Meditation

* Recipes 

* Mindfulness Exercises 

* And more!

Book Now

The Stress Less Method

Our self-study program is designed to educate women with our foundational tips.

You will learn how to understand the different stressors affecting your ability to maintain a healthy weight, while shifting & redefining your relationship with food, movement and yourself.


Immerse yourself in learning about your body, hormones and mindset, and finally learn how to set attainable & achievable goals.

What it is:

A 4 month group coaching program with
1:1 support designed to help women dive deeper into their connection with themselves, & learn to find balance between nutrition, movement and 

The Stress Less Solution 

Who it's for:

This program is designed for the women  who is needing accountability, motivation and support to make real, sustainable changes to her mindset, nutrition, hormones, and movement. 


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